Monday, March 26, 2007

To infinity and beyond!

Tomorrow (March 27) my husband and I celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary- holy cow has it been 8 years already?! I had this idea for a card design for him- a heart with a #8 wrapped in there somehow but I couldn't make it look right without turning the 8 on it's side. While talking to my way cool sister this morning she reminded me that the infinity symbol is a #8 on it's side! How cool is that?? We've made it past the "7 year itch" and are now on to infinity!! Ha ha, very cool indeed. Here is the card I came up with, and my preliminary sketches- I love to see how other people work so I thought I'd post that as well. I painted it with Twinkling H2Os and it's all sparkly and cool. Oh, and he doesn't read this blog so he won't see it early. Ugh, I just spent 10 minutes agonizing over the shade of blue of the envelope to match the card until I remembered he's colorblind and it DOESN'T MATTER. Sheesh.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Coptic Stitch

I made this book in a workshop at The Papersource yesterday and had to share. It was a lot easier than it looks and turned out very cool. I took the pic like this so it would show off the spine and the beautiful paper.

Journal page

It was 73 degrees here last Tuesday and it felt AWESOME after a long winter. It's back to reality as far as the temp goes but here is part of a journal page from that day. The page was wet when I took this pic so it's sorta lumpy. It's from the Jordi Labanda book.

My art journals

Deb, from the day2day journal goup asked us to share the covers of our journals. Lately I have been bouncing between 3, not including the kid's, and here they are. One is a comp book covered in paper with a ribbon bookmark and elastic strap added. The next is a notebook I found at target with lined paper and the third is a Cachet hardbound sketchbook with my handprint, a ribbon bookmark and elastic strap I added. I usually like to work in just one book at a time but somehow got caught up in 3 this time. Not really fancy, but this is what I'm working in these days.