Friday, November 10, 2006


I didn't like the cheesy plastic tabs I had been using so I made my own funky cool dividers. They are made of cardstock and are painted and stamped with acrylic paints. The tabs are circles punched out and sandwiched around the page. So far they are working great and are far better than anything I could have found in the store.


Anonymous said...


It's Shelley from the ArtJournals2 yahoo group. I was supposed to tell you that the Freestyle book is published by Autumn Leaves, you can find it at Sorry I took so long... I suck. By the way I LOVE YOUR DIVIDERS! They are very cool.

Anonymous said...

The entire concept is brilliant but the circle tabs are absolute genius!!

I haven't been able to read the tabs on my planner for a couple years now (sigh) -- it never occured to me that I could make my own bogger ones.

Thanks so much,

Katharine -- from day2dayjournals

Clau said...

Wow, those are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great idea for tabs.
Lots of love from Susan in Australia
PS I have to say anonymous at the top because google won't let me use my password!!!