Sunday, January 14, 2007

Illustration Friday- 80s

I haven't done an Illustration Friday for a while but how could I resist this one?! The 80s were the best!


Joelle said...

That's right, MTV, when they played videos...those were the days. ;)

Karen said...

WHERE did you get that picture of me?!?!?

I love it! I had dyed-red hair, purple mascara, big feathered sides....hmmm...some days, I feel perilously close to the 80's even now. I need a hair cut.

Thanks for sharing!

jill said...

what? you mean these things aren't still "in"? i ran a list of things off of a website the other night about the fads of the 80s and it was just so much fun to read it! great fun on this IF.

Pam said...

Oh, I'm gonna have to do a page on this, too! I LOVED the 80s... well maybe I love them more now in retrospect than I did back then. Yes, the blue eye shadow... some of my favorite groups... knee high boots, which are back btw... and pony tails on the side of the head... I love the VH1 show "I love the 80s" or 70s... such fun things to look back on! Fun to see your art. Where do you get those Friday topics, anyway? That is really fun, thanks for sharing!

Linda Woods said...

Hey, I am still stuck in the 80's!
If only I could find those good shoulder pads again. All shirts need shoulder pads...HAHA! Great page!