Thursday, June 18, 2009

Everyday Matters #226

This is the latest challenge for the Everyday Matters group.


Owen said...

So glad you quit lurking - so, now that you are on a roll let's see more art-play soon.

Ashley said...

I agree ,I'm glad your posting now at Emd,Now you will see an even greater benifit,I like the line of your drawing and see no reason you shouldn't share it with us.You Inspire us too!

Alex said...

I really like the soft shadow on the right site, the lights are pretty much perfect here! :) Hope to see more very soon

indybev said...

On this sunny day with sky so blue
I thought to stop by & check on you
I found a sketch of the humble screw
Who knew?

iva yaneva said...

I loooove the writing! :)