Monday, April 21, 2008

Long Time No Blog...

Wow has it been a long time since I posted anything here! I HAVE been busy, just not blogging about it! I thought it was time to at least post a pic of the studio so here you go. It's pretty small but much bigger than the kitchen table I used to work on so you won't catch me complaining! The kids and husband still call it the "office" but I say once there are more art supplies than office supplies, it's a STUDIO!

I was going to have my very handy husband built me the dream table but then I found this one. I did have my husband build me the rubber stamp shelf hanging on the wall. I designed it and he built it out of 1x2" pieces of pine and then I painted it black. LOVE that too. It's so nice to have them all out on display instead of crammed in boxes. This way they actually get used.

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