Monday, April 21, 2008

Still A Chick

I'm so NOT a girly girl. I'm not into doilies and frilly stuff and I get very irritated if I can't wear jeans. I like to say I'm unique. One of my most favorite compliments came from a guy friend who said "You're one of the guys but you're still a chick." I love it! That pretty much sums me up.

Since I'm "still a chick" there is just SOMETHING about dress forms that I love. I found this one at Home Goods the other day and HAD to bring it home. I want to put her in the studio but there just isn't any room. She's not as tall as me but is definitely life size at about 58" tall. Right now she's in the corner of our bedroom hanging out and looking cool. I think I might spray paint her black but I'm not sure yet. Yes, she has this weird birdcage-like hole in her belly but I'm thinking a bucket of colored pencils or some other art supply would fit nicely.

Unfortunately the husband doesn't share my enthusiasm. He keeps asking if he can bring home a neon Miller Lite sign. I say find a Sam Adams one and we'll talk. See, I can still hang with the guys ;)

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Bianca said...

I love this, it's great! PS-I tagged you on my blog.